Doyher Troya finished her "maternal leave" and moved in with the Gärdström family. She and Eve will try to return to competition next season.

Doyher Bay Boy moved to Anttola, to Haukkamäki Farm, where two young and promising riders - Ake and Roosa - will continue working with him. Good luck in future trainings and competition!

Two of our broodmares participated in the inspection in Mikkeli - Omey Ruby and Doyher Troya were both shown with foal at foot. We had a pleasant surprise as both were awarded with high points (40) and 1st premium, even though neither mare showed their best trot. Omey Ruby was also chosen as the Best In Show!

Two fillies travelled to the National Pony Show in Vermo, Helsinki Doyher Ruby Rose won her class and received 1st premium, while Tactique Melody was second in her class with 2nd premium. The judge was Mrs Sheila Clark from Scotland.

Both girls were also shown for Finnish judges receiving points for their conformation. Rose received 38 ponits (2nd premium) and Tactique 39 points (2nd premium). They were both shown in professional manner by Marja Manninen.

Tactique Melody. Photo ©
Satu Pitkänen.

Doyher Ruby Rose. Photo © Kaisa Kukkanen

Doyher Troya gave birth to the last Doyher foal for the year. The sire of the small but athletic filly foal is Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg 20 IC.

Photo ©
Suvi Varis

Doyher Bay Boy covered his first mare ever, Omey Ruby.

Doyher Dragonfly gave birth to her first foal, who is a Doyher pony in 3rd generation. The sire of the beautiful and elegant colt foal is also Atlantic Ace.

Photo ©
Satu Pitkänen

 22.5.2009 Golden Ashlair gave birth to a long expected colt foal. The sire is Spinway Stud's fine Irish born stallion Atlantic Ace NPS 98.

Omey Ruby was an early bird and gave birth to a big, fine filly. The sire of the foal is Irish born Ashfield Cathal Crobdhearg 20 IC, who was on loan to Finland from Sweden last year.

Bunowen Castle Riona had a small but perky filly foal. The sire is Rockfield Scarface 14 C, who has travelled to Sweden for the 2009 season.

Alastriona of Akvamarin gave birth preliminary to a tiny colt foal. He was immediately taken to the Helsinki University horse clinic for treatment. Unfortunately his lungs never got strong enough, so after three weeks little Jedi Starfighter had to be put down. Marina had already been ill for a few months, so now the mother and the son both rest under the surface of their favourite pasture.

The delayed ridden part of Doyher Bay Boy's inspection was approved, and he is now approved for breeding in 2009 and 2010. He had the X-ray done earlier, but still needs to be tested for CEM before being allowed to cover mares

Doyher Bay Boy participated in the stallion inspection for ponies in Ypäjä. We were positively surprised when he passed the visual inspection and was allowed to continue to the ridden inspection. Unfortunately his rider Anna had an accident while riding another stallion prospect, so the ridden part has to be taken later.

Photo ©
Marjo Uimi

 24 Jan 2009
Doyher Bay Boy moved to Ypäjä, to be ridden by Anna Kärkkäinen. We want to see how he develops and then maybe make the decision to show him for inspection.

Photo © Leena Kahisaari

 2 Jan 2009
Bunowen Castle Riona moved home from Aramara Stud in Jämsä.
Riona is in foal by Rockfield Scarface 14 C, we expect the foal in May.