Photo © left Paula Martiskainen
/ right Satu Pitkänen

Golden Ashlair 193 IC (CSB M 11835)


* 1996 Ireland
Breeder: Pat Gildea, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, Ireland
148 cm

Gilda came to Finland in the end of 2001, after having lived in the mountains in Ireland as a broodmare. She is continuing the same career in Finland, but she has also been ridden, and has showed talent for jumping - like one can expect for a daughter of Westside Mirah. She is the Queen of the stables and is respected by everybody.

Gilda has so far had six foals:
2000 colt, sire: Ruaille Buaille Bui CBS 983
2001 colt Ashlair Lad (CSB G 2886), sire: Tynagh Miller CBS 970
2004 colt Doyher Golden Ace, sire: Innellan Kestrel 15 IC
2005 colt Doyher Bay Boy, sire: Symphatil Hazy Becks 12 C
2007 filly Doyher Cream Girl, sire: Innellan Kestrel 15 IC
2009 colt Doyher Angus Og, sire: Atlantic Ace NPS 98
Gilda is in foal by Fairyhill Fort 21 IC



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